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Hold'em Denim

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Hold'em Denim


Hold ‘Em Denim is a newly conceived brand of premium jeans where the inspiration comes from the Texas Hold ‘Em poker game. Our vision of this game is as a classic art of the casino, comprised of iconic images and the immortal fascination with those unique symbols. Just as with jeans, we all recognise them both as an endless trend.

Following the collection of information and extensive studies of the market, it now seems the perfect time to introduce our own premium brand of jeans. To this end we have gathered those things we love, that casino art and fashion essential and combined them seamlessly together. This is how the “Hold ‘Em Denim” journey begins.

The designs go beyond our passion for that casino game and jeans. We present the respective character of the jeans according to each poker suit, which could reflect your individual personality when you wear them.

Spade= slim fit
Heart = girl fit
Diamond= skinny fit
Club= straight + boot cut

The logo of Hold ‘em Denim is a letter “H” and number “8” crossed. The letter “H” is the initial letter of the name of this brand, whilst “8” is a lucky number for Japanese people who believe that number “8” is a good number for successful merchandise. Moreover, the number “8” looks like the international symbol for infinity, which means eternity and this is of course a good way of demonstrating our work to the jeans lover; meaning we will continue to develop and to ensure that the “Hold ‘Em Denim” brand never ends.

“The Joker” has been introduced as the brand’s mascot because of the fact that its face appears in every deck. The Joker can be seen like an entertainer, who comes with the colourful suit and a duty to make others happy. This is just like us at “Hold ‘Em Denim”, where we all want to see jeans lovers who wear “Hold ‘Em Denim” and live their lives to the full, smiling and laughing together with infinite confidence.