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Kobe Steak House

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Kobe Steak House / โกเบ เสต็กเฮ้าส์

T. 02-251-1336, 02-664-4521

Japanese Kobe Steakhouse Restaurant on Petchburi Rd in the heart of Bangkok has been in existence for over 30 years. With its origins from the backstreets in Siam square where it delighted the taste buds of customers looking for that no nonsense quality Kobe stakes cooked to perfection either on a Teppanyaki hotplate (Tenppan) in with flare by our chefs or in a mammoth sukiyaki hotpot.

One thing is guaranteed, every bite will take you to a new dimension while you enjoy a satisfying gastronomic feeling that has made Kobe renowned for its flavour, tenderness, and fatty, well-marbled texture.

The journey doesn't stop there; we have a host of other tantalising Japanese style dishes to add to your trip. Fresh Sushi, sashimi, seafood (Salmon steaks, Squid, Saba, Sea Bass, Grouper..ETC) various cuts of stake, daily fresh vegetables and other dishes cooked with love to perfection. We take satisfying our customers seriously, to that end, care and attention to detail is important to make sure every dish is consistent in quality that will keep you coming back for more.

The restaurant décor with a Teppan counter, a wall display of Japanese trinkets and other subtle additions that's gives an ambiance of cool but exciting atmosphere with our attentive staff on hand to make sure your dining experience is as smooth and tantalising as the food we serve.

A visit to Kobe Steakhouse is one that you will not forget and sure to make a regular visit whenever you want to tantalise your teas buds.

What is Kobe Beef?

Kobe beef is considered by many to be the best form of beef available in the world, although it is prohibitively expensive and importation from Japan is virtually impossible. Gourmet chefs prize Kobe beef for its tenderness, flavour and amount of intramuscular fat, called marbling. Heavy marbling gives steak its satisfying mouth feel, and many cuts of Kobe beef are graded into several categories because of this. While some restaurants are permitted to sell a 'Kobe-style' beef product, only a strain of cattle called wagyu slaughtered in the Kobe region of Japan can be called Kobe beef.